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Providing high-quality land mapping throughout New Zealand since 2004.

You have little or no control over things like the weather, your soil conditions or precipitation; but you can adjust how you manage how it affects you. The key is using accurate and close to real-time information.

With access to our insightful maps, you can target the specific areas that need attention. Save yourself time, reduce expenses and preserve the environment by spraying only where needed.

Your Land IQ Insights map will be customized to your property’s requirements, so you can act with precision and accuracy! And top it off with saving yourself time, expense and doing good for the environment overall.


Our maps contain accurate information to help:

  • Manage your land efficiently
  • Make cost-effective decisions 
  • Develop your property

Land maps help manage tasks such as:

  • Estimating input costs & income per hectare 
  • Recording chemical & fertilizer application 
  • Directing contractors, staff, and visitors
  • Identifying hazards 
  • Planning & recording stock movement
  • Estimating fencing costs 
  • Compliance with Health and Safety regulations & environmental plans
  • Communicating with your rural banker & land advisor 

We create land maps using the latest in drone and satellite technology

Drones capture high-resolution imagery from the sky. A consultant will visit your land and capture photos which are then downloaded, digitally altered and made farm friendly. The result is an accurate, simplified graphic of your land.

We use the latest technologies to get accurate, cost-effective representation of your land.

Plan work, record information, give direction and provide visual assistance to staff and visitors with a land map.

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