Land Maps

Why you need a Land IQ Insights Land Map


At Land IQ Insights, our multi-skilled team has a vast array of experience on all aspects of land and its uses.

We know a Land map is the foundation of your entire operation.

Your map adds value across the whole business, from planning to recording, decision support, compliance, health and safety, bench-marking, and more.


An insightful land map is an investment that provides immediate and long-lasting returns and will improve your farm’s productivity and support the decisions you make on your land every day.

Our maps will show you the size of your paddocks so you can accurately budget for fertilisers, sprays and ordering seed.

The paddock aspect can dictate yield, grazing patterns and fertiliser requirements. 

 Your soil can be tested to help you manage your crop nutrition and provide an indication of nutrient deficiencies or pH imbalances.

Get started by calling New Zealand’s land mapping specialists today and request a quote.

An insightful map will help you on your property.

What’s Captured On Your Land Map?

Different things are important to different land owners, we customise our maps to fit your requirements.

Every map is customized to the individual requirements of that particular property.

We map it – then we print it.

We have a range of products that we can print your map onto.

 Tear-off pads — A4 or A3

 Our 100-page tear-off pads are regularly used by management, staff, and contractors to give clear instructions and directions.

 Banners — A4 to A0

 Durable synthetic wall banners that are water and tear-resistant and can be written on with whiteboard markers.

 Whiteboards — various sizes

 Whiteboards are our most popular item. Your farm map whiteboard provides an easy-to-use form of communication

The process 

Once you’ve decided to go ahead with your land map, rest assured – your job is in the hands of New Zealand’s land mapping experts.

Drafting your map

Our GIS technicians use the latest Satellite Imagery to draft your map and add in the main features, including paddock sizes and the breakdown of your effective area and non-effective areas.

Put your map to work

Knowing that you’re managing your land effectively – because it’s right in front of you.

Making sure you are happy

Once your draft map is ready we’ll ask for your feedback, including any changes or additions and paddock names. When you’re happy, we’ll send you a copy of the map and any other items you’ve ordered like whiteboards and map pads.